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Speak Up Sunderland

Dec 28, 2019

Happy New Year from Betty and Stevie at Speak Up Sunderland!

Together we chat festive memories, play a stupid game, and tell you all about a couple of new projects we're launching next year:

  • A special first listen to a supercut of our first "Ball's Deep" - where we put Betty through her paces - challenging her with...

Nov 18, 2019

Meet two of the volunteers who take the calls that help save lives, and hear what it's like on the other end of the phone line at the Sunderland Samaritans.

Sandy Shearer and Katie Mitchell share why they're driven to support this important charity, and a bit of behind-the-scenes gossip into the perhaps...

Oct 30, 2019

Red Riding Blood.  Witches put to trial.  The monsters behind the screen.  This is the Speak Up Sunderland Halloween Special.

Spooky stories for Halloween, read by 6 members of Spectral Visions Press, a publishing house based at the University of Sunderland who focus on the gothic, horror, and macabre.

Joining us live...

Oct 23, 2019

Work on a £11million new music venue in Sunderland's city centre has just begun, alongside the redeveloped Fire Station.

When it opens in 2021, the "Auditorium" promises to be Sunderland's answer to mid-size venues - a 450-seater venue with music and theatre performances around the year. It's part of the MAC Trust's...

Oct 5, 2019

40 days at sea.  6 metre waves.  A diet of 10,000 calories a day.  And four men in a rowing boat, battling all kinds of waves, wind and weather to cross the Atlantic.

Meet John Adams - he's taking on a fierce competition called the "Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge". Along with three other crew mates, Derek Spence,...